(L to R)

Gwendolyn Miller Seal – Viola, Bell Kit
Brett Randall – Bass Guitar
Mike Reisenauer – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Beth Morgan – Backing Vocals, Cello
Matt Reisenauer – Percussion

“In October 2008, Pale Young Gentlemen will release the follow-up to their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut. Musically and emotionally expansive, Black Forest (tra la la) is distinct from their previous release. Trading the bouncy piano and old dancehall beats for finger-plucked guitar and quivering strings, Pale Young Gentlemen craft a unique and uncompromising musical vision–a stirring sprawling 43 minutes.

“Black Forest twists and flows and weaves like scenery on an uncertain path. The tracks tie together by shared musical and narrative threads, with each building upon the next for an astounding, cinematic effect. Black Forest is rich and diverse, ranging from the frantic guitar-and-drum-driven “Coal/Ivory”, to the languid lyrical meanderings of “Kettle Drum (I Left a Note)”. Touches of glockenspiel, flute, french horn, and harp vary and fortify PYG’s core of acoustic guitar, bass, drums, cello, viola, and violin.

“As with their debut, Black Forest was recorded at Smart Studios in the band’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and produced by Beau Sorenson (Death Cab For Cutie, Sparklehorse). Recorded and mixed in less than two weeks, Black Forest is Pale Young Gentlemen’s first release with Madison-based label Science of Sound.

“The album’s release in the beginning of October will coincide with the PYG’s first national tour. They have had local and regional touring success, playing with such acclaimed acts as White Rabbits, Basia Bulat, Cloud Cult, Clientele, and Beach House.

“Black Forest (tra la la) announces the maturation of a band. It is ambitious, but it is honest. Here, in these twelve songs, the unique vision of Pale Young Gentlemen finds a clarity not found among their contemporaries.”

Black Forest (tra la la) (2008)

Mike Reisenauer – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Matt Reisenauer – Percussion
Brett Randall – Bass Guitar
Liz Weamer – Cello
Beth Morgan – Backing Vocals, Bell Kit
Gwendolyn Miller – Viola
Derek Powell – Violin
Also featuring:
Leelanee Sterrett – French Horn
Margaret Mackenzie – Harp
Matt Peters – Xylophone
Jacqueline Reisenauer – Flute

Pale Young Gentlemen (2007)

Mike Reisenauer – Lead Vocals, Piano
Matt Reisenauer – Percussion
Brett Randall – Guitar
Andrew Brawner – Bass guitar
Liz Weamer – Cello


2 Responses to “About PYG”

  1. Lizardman Says:

    I became a rabid fan of the Pale Young Gentlemen about thirty seconds into the recording of “Clap Your Hands.” Their other songs are enjoyable as well. We are waiting impatiently in Minneapolis.

  2. A mate recommended me to check out this website, great post, fascinating read… keep up the nice work!

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